Your dog really does love you – and now it’s been proven that he can’t help it. According to a study released in Scientific Reports, dogs are genetically programmed to love humans. The findings were the result of a test which saw 100 beagles faced with trying to access food. The grub was placed in three boxes with transparent lids, one of which was bolted shut so that the pooches couldn’t get to it. The study measured how long it took the canines to look to their owners for help. Later DNA samples were taken from 95 dogs and it was discovered that your average pup carries five genes linked with an inclination to human contact.

Now that the truth is out, you will surely want to return your dog’s love. It’s not hard to show your dog how much you care either. Follow these simple steps and your four-legged friend should be able to feel your affection.

Walk your dog

Research has found that dogs come to understand the word ‘walkies’ extremely fast. Why? Well,
because it’s their favorite pastime. Dogs love walks for many reasons – one of which is the time they get to spend with their owner. You’ll no doubt also cherish the time where you get to let your dog off its lead.

Use a dog walker

Sadly, there’s not always enough time in the day to walk your dog. Luckily, there’s a solution. You can hire someone to go dog walking for you. This will ensure that your canine gets all the health benefits of a walk – such as increased fitness levels and lower blood pressure – even when you’re busy at work.

Doggy day care

While your dog likely loves nothing more than being by your side, he will also crave the company of his own four-legged friends. Doggy day care offers a solution for your dog to get some much needed socialising done.

A love like no other

Your dog won’t expect you to return its love – but he will surely appreciate it when you do. Follows these tricks and you can rest comfortably knowing your precious pup is leading a happy life.