Terms & Conditions


  • Owners will ensure their animals are up-to-date with all vaccinations (including kennel cough) and on a suitable de-flea and anti-worm treatments. Proof of vaccinations will be requested.
  • In the event of an emergency we will contact the owner on the contact number provided. If you cannot be reached we will then contact the emergency contact person if we are unable to reach either we will make a decision based on the best interest of the animal. Should any veterinary advice or treatment be necessary during your absence, no matter how they incurred, you will be responsible for all charges.
  • We will inform the owner of any incident or anything which we notice about their pet, which as pet owners they ought to know.
  • Owners must fully disclose any characteristic or behaviour which might make your dog unsuitable for walking, daycare or home-boarding including any aggression and lack of training.
  • Bitches in season and pregnant dogs will not be accepted for walking, daycare or home-boarding
  • The owner will ensure that access is given to collect the dog from the agreed address or provide a key to the address where the dog is kept. If we visit the address and are unable to gain access or your dog is not there we will expect to be paid in full for the agreed services.
  • The owner will supply suitable collars and leads or harnesses for their dog with the correct id tag and any coats or other accessories which the owner wishes to be used.
  • All dogs will remain on the lead unless we are confident that the dog will do a recall and written permission has been received.


  • The normal walking time will be 60 minutes this does not include travelling to and from destination.
  • If your dog is unwell please let us know before we collect your dog, if we turn up and your dog is obviously unwell we will notify you, and refuse to take them and you will be charged in full.
  • Please leave towels for us to clean your dogs in wet weather
  • Any changes or enquiries for walks are to be via the Welwyn Walks number or email address.
  • Office hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and we are closed for walks on bank holidays.
  • 48 hour notice period is required for cancelation of a 1-2 days dog walking.
  • A week’s notice is required for cancelation of 3 days or more of walks or a 1 day or more of day care.
  • Weekend booking are charged at double time and are non-refundable if canceled any time after booking
  • Invoices are sent out Friday afternoon and must be settled by the following Monday
  • If you no longer need our services please give us a minimum of four weeks notice.(we reserve the right to charge your usual rate during the four week notice period)


  • You must provide a bed, bowl and food for the duration of their stay, if the food runs out during their stay you agree to pay the cost of the food on your return.
  • Your dog is welcome to bring their own toys but we cannot be liable for loss or damage to the items.
  • Home boarding prices are per day not per 24 hours. Drop off/collection before 10am will not be charged. After 10am a day’s day care will be charged.
  • Bank Holidays are charged at double the usual rate
  • If you want to collect, or your dog to be dropped off before the agreed end date you will not receive a refund.
  • To secure your booking 50% of the booking price needs to be paid.
  • Home boarding booking are 50% refundable up until 1 month before the stay.
  • Friday evenings and weekend bookings of home-boarding are non-refundable if cancelled.

Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

Welwyn Walks collect the absolute minimum amount of personal data so that we can operate our services. We will never collect data that we don’t need and we will never sell or pass on any personal data to 3rdparties.

When you send an enquiry through our contact form or email, you will provide us with access to personal details such as identity and contact details. By sending an enquiry to us, you will not be adding yourself to any mailing list and if you do not become a customer we will not use your personal data in any way. It will only be stored within the emails that you have sent us in our inbox.

When you become a customer of Welwyn Walks we require further personal information from you to be able to carry out our services. This includes your full identity and contact details and details about your dog/s. All personal details that we require, we will ask for via completing our contact froms in writing. We will not collect anything else without you knowing or giving free consent. This personal data is used to set up and run the services we provide to you. It is stored and used within a number of systems. These are:

  • A word document which is password protected.
  • Wave and quickbooks, which is an accounting platform. We use this service to process all of our invoices to clients and record payments. We enter and store identity details and contact details on wave and quickbooks, as well as information regarding the issuing, deliverability, read acknowledgement and payment or non payment of invoices. Wave and quickbooks have their own GDPR policy for all data that is stored within their online software.

You have certain rights in regards to the personal data that we hold about you. This includes the right to request a copy of any or all of this data, to correct it if any of the data that we have is not accurate or outdated, to restrict or prevent us processing your data and for us to permanently delete your data. To carry out any of these rights, please email us and we will act quickly and within legal timeframe in all instances.

Due to the fact that Welwyn Walks only collects necessary data, if you no longer want us to have access to this data or process it- we will not be able to continue to carry out any services for you- this includes opting out of email communications from us, as there is often important or vital information within these emails that you are required to know and/ or acknowledge.

We may make changes to this privacy policy as and when required by law. This privacy policy was last updated on the 24 thMay 2018.